Before you begin

Before you bring your body with Bodylastics in shape, you should consider a few things:

Ask if resistance training is harmless to health your doctor for you.
Warm up before the exercises by jogging, stretching, gymnastics or good




To be able to make a successful workout, the following requirements should be met:

You will need your complete Bodylastics set with exercise instructions
– Wear loose comfortable workout clothes
They are stretched and warmed up
– Your room has a commercial stable door
– Your room offers a minimum of 9 square feet of space
some motivation needed



Before your start your workout

Before your are going to start strengthen your body with BODYLASTICS,
please pay attention on following requirements :

– Your BODYLASTICS-Set is complete and not damaged !
– You feel good, have not been ill the last days.
– You wear comfortable, loose Training-cloth
– You have done a little warm-up, some stretching, your blood is circulating
– Your room as a standard-door in good condition
– Your room has minimum 9 square-meters

We do always suggest to ask your doctor, if he advocates your workout.