Upgraded stronger Clip-Tubes

As accessoiries we also sell :

Level 5  Black colour  ( Super-heavy  )  EUR 8,90
Level 6  Orange colour ( extreme-heavy) EUR 10,90


For stretching, muscle strengthening and stretching shortened muscles. For Intensivtranig in athletics, swimming, running sports. Due to the resistance of the Jump Stretch ® tapes you can train individual muscle groups directly.

strongmen_clips_cp js_gruppe

You only pay € 36,90 for a strong and powerfull body.

FIT-LASTICS is the only one affordable alternative equipment to the big machines like Bowflex or Total-Gym, which cost €UR 1.000,-  and much more.

The combination of several different Tubings offer you more than
16 different tensile strength  !!!!
You have Bodylastics ® with the ability to start at any time and anywhere with a full-body workout.


BODYLASTICS® – Your personal trainer

FIT-LASTICS – anytime and anywhere

Bodylastics is 24 hours a day at your disposal, joins you at work, in vacation or in your Hotel after dinner.


Different Clip-Tubes

The standard-kit has Clip-Tubes from Level 1 up to Level 4 ( yellow, green, red, blue ), with cotton-bag, handles with D-ring, door-anchor, pair of ankle-straps, exercise-leaflet.
All single parts can be ordered seperately.



Both the stick and the clip-Tubes can be ordered seperately.
Length of sticks: 120 cm
Images on CD-Rom



The quality improvements compared to other sticks you recognize as follows:

Stable material made ​​of chrome steel, no plastic
High breaking load of 140 kg instead of just 75 kg
Fine-pored foam for washing
– Foam consistently well in the neck area
4 wide. Tube thickness from Level 1 to Level 4
can be used with the stainless steel hook just one, or unmounted.
Thus, the same stick can be used for all strengths, it must be purchased no new stick.
The various clip tubes there are cost-effective as an accessory.


Premium Tubings

with high-quality textile jacket protects the tube perfect for extra long durability.


The classic, the latex band or band therapy on the 25m or 5.50 meter roll. Produced under ISO 9001 with CE. Material from skin-friendly natural rubber, extremely stretchy, progressive trainresistance.
More information: »www.fitnesswohlbefinden.de



For the training of all major muscle groups.
Improves fitness and performance. The classic fitness equipment.
Ideal for use at home, in the club or on the road. You can anytime, anywhere exercise the most important muscle groups. As a “Basic” with washable plastic handles, or as a “Deluxe” with high-quality foam handles.


14,90 extra light / extra light including VAT
19,90 light / light including VAT
23,90 medium / medium including VAT
28,50 strong / strong VAT
42,00 super strong / heavy VAT


for the individual short pulling exercises.

Available in 3 strengths. Light, medium, strong.


for the individual short pulling exercises.

Available in 3 strengths. Light, medium, strong.

fitness-toner_ fitness-ring_cp


The most popular item for ladies-workout. A small pocket-gym to enjoy the specific training for hips, legs and gluteus. Ask for extensive instruction-manual. Available in 3 different tensile strength from Level 1 up to Level 3



Cuff-Tube ankle for the abdominal, legs butt-workout. With extra strong padded Velcro straps. Available in 3 strengths from mild to severe.


Bootcamp-Fitness includes 2 Tubings, strong resistance, Deluxe-foam handles, and Loop for feet.



For Bands-, & Tubings, with Deluxe foam-handles, ball for fixing Bands or Tubings. Always in Pair ( = 2 pcs. )



for Bands & Tubings !!
Handles are in Pair ( 2 pcs. ) have Deluxe-Foamhandles and Bowl for fixing Bands and Tubings



With Deluxe-Foam Handles, available from Level 1 up to Level 3.
Step-Tube has re-inforced Nylon-part in central, to avoid friction on Stepper-edges, feet or others who could demage surface of natural rubber.


Minibands ( Fit-Loops )

The mini tape is ideal for training the entire hip, leg muscles. The strengthened hip, leg muscles helps protect you from injury.



The popular fitness products for your handbag. Available in 3 different strengths:

· 10 kg  –  light – unit price  €URO 14,90 inkl. VAT.
· 15 kg  –  middle  – unit price €URO 17,90 inkl. VAT.
· 20 kg  –  strong – unit price €URO 19,90 inkl. VAT.

ELASTIBAND – middle, 15 kg

Figure in pink color, medium

 elastiband_10kg  elastiband_15-kg


The innovative patented worldwide multifunction products made ​​in France.

Unit price including DVD for the price of URO 29.00 including VAT


The patented Flexoring for full body workout or Pilates workout. Flexoring ® offers 4 different strengths in an article, adjustability by turning the handle.

flexoring_vk_neu flexoring_forces


High quality gymnastics, ball seat, relieves the spine and relieves tension. Unbeatable low price, in spite of high quality with TUV and ISO.
Single in the display carton, in sizes:
> 55cm (yellow) 15,90 UR
> 65cm (Blue) 16,90 UR
> 75cm (red) 18,50 UR