VooDoo Floss Bands

Length 2,13 m x 5cm roll (Set of 2)
Length 8,50 m x 5cm role

Compared to the conventional Bandage” is not only the cheaper price of the VooDoo Floss bands a feature, but also that you can put through tighter or loose fixing individual pressure points which is not possible with the bandage.



Floss Bands ( Compression Strips )


Floss bands use mainly by the arm elbow and knee, tennis elbow, arthritis, athletes, strength athletes and weightlifters, etc.
Helps to start training again after injury and surgery because the “body” is protected by the pressure bandage.
Helps smooth and is mobilized again by the pressure that stiff or hardened tissue, a bandage can not offer.




The Flex Trainer ® in improved revised version, now with foot straps (prevents pressure on the ankles) and shoulder strap for comfort.
The resistance tubings are individually removable, and allow 3 different resistance levels, from easy, medium, and strong.

Flex Trainers, includes 6 pcs. of resistancetubings.
Proposition 6 strings allow to switch tensile strength
in between Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
Premium version with shoulder-belt, and feet-loop for highest comfort



Flextrainer® – athletics

improves the explosive speed strength. Ideal for athletics, such as sprinters, long jump, high jump, or even for baseball, bobsledder, etc. ..



Flextrainer® – Tennis

Ideal for professional tennis training, sprint force is improved, the player goes deeper into the knee, improve footwork and agility.



Flextrainer® – Tennis

see here the predecessor model without straps and shoulder strap.
Interesting video in the application here:



Handle for Jumpstretch®

the handle as a useful aid in the Jump Stretch ® workout for all pulling exercises.
Load capacity up to about 200 kg
The handle is solid chrome plated for professional use.